How I built this site?

How I built this site?

Interested on how this site got deployed and went live?

I always build and update my personal site as I am the kind of guy who likes to learn and implement things at the same time as part of the process.

How it started

I randomly found Svelte online. I am already familiar with React or Vue based frameworks like NextJS and NuxtJS then as I started reading its documentation, I realize how simple and amazing it is!

Moving forward, I found Astro along with Rust; although I prefer Svelte for now, the best thing is that they can be integrated. I decided to use Astro for this site since its advantage is for static websites. Actually, there are similarities between the two, I shared some of my personal opinions about them below:

More reasons…

  • It is simple, less lines of code
  • HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Markdown or MDX support
  • Addons and Integrations
  • Components!
  • Logic blocks
  • Serverless
  • Deployed via CLI
  • GitHub
  • PageSpeed is crucial
  • SEO Matters nowadays
  • Edge Network (if needed)
  • Static HTML

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